My First Post

My First Post

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My First Post…

Hey readers,

So I’ve decided to make the most of my spare time and write about life. I recently wrote a blog that got posted by Peloton Watch where I found that I enjoyed sharing my experiences with other people so why not share some more! A big thank you to peloton watch for giving me the opportunity to write a blog.

So here’s some insight into my recent chapter of my life…


Pneumonia. Isn’t it strange how diseases have the strangest spelling words to describe what they are? I found it quite amusing trying to pronounce pneumonia, especially when I thought I was saying it right but I was dead wrong.

So it turns out pneumonia can really knock you off your feet. A good 6-8 weeks it will take for me to fully recover which down right sucks. I hate being sidelined, right now I could be doing a massive block of strong training, getting base k’s in and a good gym block in. I would have some pretty good form too after a 2 month stint of track and road racing. But here I am, struggling to ride for 30 minutes without throwing up or passing out. My doctor told me that I could go for a leisurely ride but don’t go too far from home just in case I didn’t feel too fly, boy was he right! It’s been 2 weeks since the last stage of Tour Down Under, where I found I had pneumonia. From there I’ve been on 3 different anti-biotics, 2 of them I’m still currently on. So I’ve been on antibiotics for 2 weeks straight and I’m a tiny bit better, but not as healthy as I should be.

It’s frustrating being in my situation especially when I’ve been in it before when I had glandular fever. There’s nothing you can do except sit on your ass, rest, watch movies (pretty much all day), eat healthy, take your antibiotics and hope that you’ll some how improve the next day. Yes I’m going to lose some great form, yes that sucks but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve learnt that looking for all the ‘what if’ and the ‘buts’ or the ‘I could be’, gets you no where, maybe even sicker. You got to take positives out of a negative situation, like man I can’t wait till I can breath again with out feeling like someone’s stabbing my lung each time! And I can’t wait to train my butt off again to get some crazy good form. It’s just a bit delayed but hey that’s okay. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason, and whatever the reason (hopefully it’s a good one) I just have to accept it and move on.

Well until next time (which I’m sure won’t be far away as I’m going insane not riding my bike) keep reading and I’ll keep writing.